Angola has been dependent on commercial imports since 1977 and was heavily dependent up to the end of the war. By the mid-1980s, urban dwellers depended almost entirely on cereal imports, and the approximately 600,000 rural displaced persons were completely dependent on food aid from foreign donors.

Demand for rice in developing countries will drive global rice trade in the next decade until 2022 with about 97.9% of rice import growth. Due to increasing demand for rice in African countries rice imports are to import more rice to satisfy the demand and the need for the commodity. Over 7,000,000mt rice are destined for Africa each year on cargo ships as importers need the rice by the vessel loads, containers wont be economic and since the aquire the rice less than normal due to by small volume orders.

Pakistan rice is the preferred white rice in Angola. Our company, HAS Rice Pakistan specializes in exports of Pakistan long grain white rice to Angola.

HAS Rice Pakistan is a leading Pakistan rice exporter to Angola amongst other African nations. We are known for excellent quality white rice, competitive pricing, enormous rice processing and milling capacity and state-of-the-art infrastructure - enabling us to deliver value for money for our esteemed customers time and time again.

Angola mostly consumes the following grades of Pakistan Long Grain Rice:

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Pakistan Long Grain IRRI6 5% Broken White Rice. Packed in 50 KGs Polypropylene Bag.


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