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At HAS Rice Pakistan, rice processing is an art: everything complies with a high standard of quality, unique to the sector. The company has managed to combine the great respect for its rice-growing origins with the innovative spirit demanded by today’s market.

HAS Rice Processing Units are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and high-tech machinery. The plants are based on production line equipped with Satake machinery including Color Sortex by Satake Japan, evidently making us distinctive from the rest of the units in Pakistan. Our processing units have a milling capacity of 25 Metric tons of milled rice per hour and stocking capacity of up to 12,000 Metric tons. The atmosphere in the premises are hygienic and conducive for the food products. The premises are dust and bacteria-free and hygienically treated on monthly basis. All the machines, conveyers, bins and hoppers are equipped with a generously sized aspiration system; keeping the entire building dust-free. The system is highly automated to prevent human interaction at any stage of the process. The only time rice is touched by human hands is the samples mechanically drawn every hour by the Quality Assurance Dept to verify the milling degree, quality & specification of the rice at various stages of processing.

Unit One - 10 Metric Tons Milled Rice Per Hour:

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Pakistan Long Grain IRRI6 5% Broken White Rice. Packed in 50 KGs Polypropylene Bag.


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