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Pakistan Long Grain IRRI-6 Rice Exporters for Jebel Ali, UAE.

UAE has dual benefit in importing high grade premium quality different rice varieties from Pakistan as they can meet local requirement and to export the same imported rice to other parts of the world especially where there is a sanction on trading. UAE import mainly premium quality of rice from Pakistan. UAE imported rice from Pakistan in 2011-12 FY worth 200 million dirhams ($54.45 million), and $520.8 million in total rice. Many companies look for trading partners in Pakistan, specially in the rice sector to import the commodity for local consumption and re-export.

There is much potential for major growth in the value of rice traded through the UAE around the world. Dubai is becoming the focal point for the international rice industry as government and natural influences in the Far East are having a major effect on prices of the grain and exports to the Middle East and international markets.

Rice in bulk quantities can be easily imported from Pakistan as there are all latest laboratories available in Pakistan to test rice for any standards applicable in the world at present. Pakistan exports almost 4 million tons of rice to different parts of the world and is the 4th largest exporters in the world.

Pakistan White and parboiled rice is very popular due to its excellent quality & taste in UAE. Our company, HAS Rice Pakistan specializes in exports of Pakistan long grain parboiled rice to UAE.

HAS Rice Pakistan is a leading Pakistan rice exporter to Jebel Ali, UAE amongst other nations. We are known for excellent quality white rice, competitive pricing, enormous rice processing and milling capacity and state-of-the-art infrastructure - enabling us to deliver value for money for our esteemed customers time and time again.

Jebel Ali mostly consumes the following grades of Pakistan Long Grain Rice:

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Pakistan Long Grain IRRI6 5% Broken White Rice. Packed in 50 KGs Polypropylene Bag.


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