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Pakistan Long Grain IRRI-6 Rice Exporters for Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Rice is a major staple food of the people in the Kingdom with an average annual per capita consumption of about 43 kg. The country is dependent on rice imports to meet its growing requirements. Saudi Arabia is one of the major rice markets with a consumption of 1.5 M tons rice in an year. At this time it is the biggest market of semi milled or whole milled rice with an annual intake of 1121355 MT which makes out 96% of the total rice market. Saudi rice imports stats in 2012 were estimated at about 1.2 million MT. Saudi Arabia always considered Pakistan an important trading partner. Pakistan has been exporting best quality rice to Saudi Arabia while there is always a great scope to export more rice since market demand is already present at a good business level.

The prices of the Basmati rice in the Saudi market skyrocketed, due to concerns over supply shortages and a huge Iranian demand for Basmati rice varieties. The Saudi government is closely monitoring rice prices in the local market and has indicated that it will intervene, if necessary, to ensure adequate rice supplies in the market at affordable prices to the Saudi consumers of this strategic commodity.

Premium quality rice in bulk quantities can be easily imported to Saudi Arabia from Pakistan as there are all latest laboratories available in Pakistan to test rice for any standards applicable in the world at present. Pakistan exports almost 4 million tons of rice to different parts of the world and is the 4th largest exporters in the world.

Pakistan 25% broken white rice and Pakistan 100% broken white rice is very popular due to its excellent quality & taste in Saudi Arabia. Our company, HAS Rice Pakistan specializes in exports of Pakistan 25% broken white rice and Pakistan 100% broken white to Saudi Arabia.

HAS Rice Pakistan is a leading Pakistan rice exporter to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia amongst other Arabian nations. We are known for excellent quality white rice, competitive pricing, enormous rice processing and milling capacity and state-of-the-art infrastructure - enabling us to deliver value for money for our esteemed customers time and time again.

Saudi Arabia mostly consumes the following grades of Pakistan Long Grain Rice:

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Pakistan Long Grain IRRI6 5% Broken White Rice. Packed in 50 KGs Polypropylene Bag.


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